Find a Home


Your house remains your most important asset, and with some tips you can maximize the value when you sell. Other tips and factors can be obtained by further discussion with a real estate professional.


Tips to consider:


  1. Best features: Try your best to highlight the main features of your house. If you hire a professional photographer let them know which parts of the house, you are proudest of. The photographer may change the angle to include more.
  2. Be patient: Don’t rush to sell too early. You may be able to renovate your house further to increase the value of the house further, or there may be a more favourable time to sell. For example, waiting a month or two for more favourable weather.
  3. First offer rule: Sometimes the biggest fish bite first, don’t wait until it is too late; you may loose a great opportunity. If someone is extremely interested in your house they may put in a big offer first to beat of the other offers, if you wait too long they may move on to other property.
  4. Depersonalize your Home – There are parts of your house which may not trouble you but could make it difficult for buyers to visualize themselves in the house. Things like movie collections, overstuffed closets, and clutter in general can make it difficult for the buyer to picture themselves living there. Try to depersonalize your home, and try to give it a fresh paint job to freshen thing up.

Consider one or more of these tips when selling property!